Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Your Nose is longer than a telephone wire...

Yup, I did say that to my brothers and sisters when I was  kid..I said it alot.  But last week in sports news, I could have gone horse chanting that to some Pinocchio look a-likes:) A couple of little fellas had their rear-ends lit up pretty darn good:)  read on... 

I am not sure I can say WHAT IN THE CAT HAIR?  enough times in today's blog.

Lance Armstrong and Mante Teo have been media un-darlings lately because of their propensity for falsehoods....

Admittedly, while the famous cyclist Armstrong has been lying like a dog for years and has left hurricane-like debris in his wake, Teo's story seems to be more one where he used embellishment and got himself in too deep. My father in law would have said "roll up your pant legs, its gettin DEEP in here"...

 Both Liars 

Both stacked them up taller than the Tower of Babel

Both backstroking like they are in the Olympics 

If you don't know the full extent of both stories, just open up any Yahoo or ESPN  Sports pages on the internet and you will be shaking your head in incredulous wonder....

You can't make this stuff up...or can you?

For us what in the cat hair folks, 

a chance to reiterate what we tell our kids from toddlerhood on....



1.If you tell one lie, you will probably have to tell 100 more to support your stupidity. (I refer to our two sports stars)

2.You WILL  be caught in your lie, maybe not today but someday, you'll pay the piper.  (again, my two fellas Armstrong and Teo)

3.If you always tell the truth, you won't have to remember what you said.  Mark Twain told us this years ago, and it is great advice as we get older and can't remember anything anyhow:)

4.Don't embellish or exaggerate your life- you are fascinating enough without the lies- at least to somebody....

5.If you do find yourself caught in a falsehood, make it right as soon as possible, for your own integrity, and for the people you harmed in your lie.

6.Yes cheating on your taxes and speeding are forms of lying....still better off not to do it.  I can attest to that with the $230 I left at the Union county traffic court a few months ago:(

"A good lie will have traveled half way around the world while the truth is putting on her boots."

(again, my friend Mark Twain) If you think you need to lie not to hurt someone's feelings, DON'T SAY ANYTHING, don't open your mouth and prove your ignorance, better to stay silent and keep them guessing. (that guy Twain was pretty smart... and told the truth...alot)

8.Scripture tells us the truth will set us free.  (Jn 8:32)  

That is the truth, not a lie.

9.Sometimes I wonder about my Jesus and what He thinks of all the cheating and lying going on in the world today.

 I believe His grief is great.



Well... if YOU always tell the truth...  that is at least one person.

It's a Start.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tweens, teens and tronics

Electronics, that is:)  Ohhhhh Yaaaaaaa!  Got your attention now, right?

Two disclaimers before I begin this "What in the Cathair"

a.YOU, the parent bought and own the computer, cell phone, smartphone, tablet, ipad, blah blah.  You have the absolute RIGHT to do all of the below. (even if they bought it with babysitting $ you still are in charge, not them:)

b.If you think what i have to say is old fashioned or outdated, I have one word for you:  


Here We Go:

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts 
About Teens, Tweens, and Electronics:

1.Parents need ALL Password of every device that their kid uses, AND  all devices need to be checked OFTEN.  Teenage boys need their dads to be their Covenant eyes mentor 

this needs to start at 13 or 14 or whenever they get electronics.

2.NO, minor children DO NOT NEED PRIVACY in this area of their lives. YOU are responsible for their internet use.

3.Kids need to know that you can obtain all transcripts of every text message they send, and they need to know you WILL  do it.

4.They are not allowed facebook unless you are their facebook friend.  


Anyone posting something inappropriate on their page is instantly de-friended.  
(* I covenanted with my son that through high school i would check his facebook daily but not write on his page.  I never had any trouble with him, but he did need to de-friend a few people.)

5.Twitter is for adults.  Teens can get in WAY to much trouble with impulsively posting STUPID stuff.  (so can adults for that matter- ie sports stars- i rest my case) 

Facebook is bad enough:)

6.Give me one really good reason WHY  teens need smart phones? 
they don't!  (my kid in college does not have one, we can't afford it, and he is doing fine with his regular cell)

7.  Yes they think they are way smarter than you and can outsmart you and get around your rules.  Get Smarter about electronics.  They are NOT Mark Zuckerburg, and they're not  as smart as they think they are.

8.If your kids argue with you about any of these points- I refer you back to point A above:) ..And #2 for that matter.

9.Do tweens really need a cell phone????? Probably NOT.  If they have one- you confiscate it by 9pm and give it back to them in the morning.

10.Most of the above points are for your children's safety.

OK moms out there- you may not agree with what I have said, and that's ok.  But don't come crying to me if your child is stalked on the internet by a predator, or if they get in BIG  trouble with their mouth(fingers) on fb or twitter or instagram for that matter.

Finally, pray daily about what God would have you do in this area.  Decide before they turn 10 or 11.  


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Preggos: Listen Up!

*note:  my next few "What in the Cathair" entries will be "top ten", or "ten things about...." something.... hope you enjoy!

Ok so you are pregnant- Praise the Lord and good for you! Here are 12 things (sorry I have 12 on this one:)  to remember for the next 9 months:)

1.God has just performed a miracle inside your body.  Don't ever take it lightly.

2.Yes you are expecting, but you are not as fragile as you think.  Continue to work, or take care of your other kids, or whatever you do normally. (unless you have been put on bed rest and that is a whole other horse of a different color) You might bend but you won't break.

3.Miscarriages happen.  If that happens to you, grieve well, do something significant to remember that baby, that you will someday see in Heaven.  Then move on.

4.Morning sickness?  (or afternoon or evening)  Yup.   It will pass.  And the end product is worth it.  Oh yaaaa.

5.Anything you gain (like pounds) except for about 20 of them have to come off in the end.  Don't eat your pantry and then start on the shelves:)

6.If you are confined to bed rest, ask God daily what he is teaching YOU.  I was on bed rest with 2 of mine- He taught me lessons DAILY... whoops I mean hourly:)

7.Your doctor knows more than the internet.   Period.

8.But your mom knows more than both:)

9. Have sex with your husband alot.  Nuf Said.

10.Yes, it's painful to birth a baby.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.  The end product far outweighs that little bit of pain.

11.Don't be so darn crabby... suck it up, you are WOMAN!

12.When you birth your baby, she/he is fearfully and wonderfully made by your God.  Whether disabled or "normal" by the world's standard, (whatever in the cat hair "normal" is). ...      Love that baby with your whole heart, and until your dying day.

Psalm 139:14