Thursday, February 23, 2012


Fabulous things make me smile.  Fabulous things sometimes make me laugh til I cry. The most fabulously fabulous stuff that are full of fabulousness sometimes make me shout YES!, to no one in particular. On my way home from work there is a certain stoplight that if I hit it just turning red, it stays red for about 8 minutes (I have timed it) If I hit it green….YES! FABULOUS!

 A freaky spring day in February is fabulous.  When 47 people wish you happy bday on facebook that is pretty fabulous,  except if you are way old like me:) Even then it has a little bit of a fabulous element to it. As I get older just getting out of bed in the morning (yes just that and nothing else) is fabulous! I might add here:  WHAT IN THE CATHAIR? Super double coupons at the grocery store are fabu! Fabulousness itself is a little different than awesome or great- it is just a little more…well… fabulous. I am not sure if there is an EXACT translation for this word in any other language.  Do you remember Julie Andrews singing “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music” in the beginning of the movie by the same name? The hills seemed fabulous to her.


 The latest fabulous thing I have discovered is HOTFLASH-X.  It is an herbal concoction to help reduce the fervor of hot flashes in menopausal women.  Just the name of it is WAY FAB.  I envision a women sweating profusely fanning herself inside a circle with a slash through it:)

Fabulous people however, are a little different. They are the kind of folks you think to yourself while you are driving in the car- hey I want to talk to good old so- and -so. They are the ones that can cheer you up when you didn’t make the light, the ones you count on daily, the ones that will drop everything just to take 5 minutes with you.  Usually their fabulousness takes on the persona of seeing the good side of things, not the bad, seeing the cup as half full, not half empty, and counting blessings, not complaints. (NO Eeyore-ing with these folks,  Winne the Pooh!)  Any of my fabulous family brightens my day. There are a couple of people however, I want to tell you about that are just plain (you guessed it) FABULOUS- just ask anyone who knows them!

My friend Corina is fabulous.  There is just no other way to explain her. I can call her ANYTIME to say:  AND SO……..and that launches us into a myriad of fabulous topics of which we think we are experts.  She survived for many years being a youth pastor’s wife, and is now surviving being a pastor’s wife.  That in itself is FABULOUS.  She has the most outrageous and fabulous shoe collection of anyone I know. She and her husband a few years ago adopted a little sweetie from India, and they are on their second foreign exchange student. She is gifted in fashion and sales, and could sell you an aardvark right now even if ya didn’t need one:) But  most of all, she is kind, wise beyond her years,  and has endured extreme health problems her entire adult life.  Presently she is living her life daily with much pain, but you would never know that, because of her fabulous disposition.  She is a FABULOUS person, I admire her very much.

Have you heard mother –in- laws talk very much about their fabulous son in laws? Well, maybe, if they are filthy rich or extremely handsome.  While my son in law has one of those attributes, it is not entirely his extreme handsomeness that makes him fabulous.  He is a one of a kind, there is no other -fabulous Matt.  It is hard to imagine anyone marrying into the Sieges family who is not a little warped, but he was able to do it with grace and apparent ease.  I am not sure if he knew what he was getting in to when he was dating Anna-but Tim and I knew from the start, he was -and is-FABULOUS.  Matt, like Corinna is wise beyond his years, passionate about his Jesus and my daughter, funny and easy going.  He trekked with Anna to Waco, Texas (hard for someone from beautiful coastal Maine) to follow HER dream of getting a PhD, at the same time finishing his first Master’s Degree in counseling. He is closing in, working by distance, on his second MA in Theology, while working a full time job.  Clearly he is fabulous. Anyone who disagrees with me better be ready for a fist fight with an old woman:) Our family loves him dearly.

The fabulousness of my GOD, however,   is a little harder to express.  Harder to exactly put your finger on.  Harder to verbalize in words. As I ponder this concept the only thing that even comes close is His Shining Glory.  His SHEKINAH  that the Israelites followed in the dessert by night,  and that appeared to Moses in the burning bush.  The elusive Shining Glory that left the temple,  as described breathlessly in several chapters of Ezekiel.  (Chs. 9,10, 11, 37, 43) How do you put your finger on that fabulousness?

After 400 years of darkness, with No fabulous Shekinah appearing anywhere on Earth,  a Star in the East appeared, a Shining Glory, SHEKINAH: the Fabulous gift God was giving us in the Savior Jesus Christ.   Can you tell I LOVE this topic?  Yup, it is pretty FABULOUS  to me.

 A few years ago I was studying God’s Shekinah in depth, and I got the fabulous notion to paint Bud’s bedroom wall a BRIGHT SHINING YELLOW:)  he was gone for the weekend- and I proceeded to decorate his walls according to my rendition of GOD’S SHEKINAH- He loved it and adds verses to the wall whenever he feels like it.

What about you?  Who is fabulous to you?  How do YOU describe the fabulousness of your God?  If you don’t quite think you can put it to words- here is a verse for you to get you going; (one of my favorites)- yup you guessed it – the verse is FABULOUS!

Jn 1:14 The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We have seen His Glory, the glory of the ONE AND ONLY who came from the Father full of Grace and Truth                  There is no other.  He is fabulous.