Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Domestic Violence: A-OK if provoked?

*this blog was written with input from my 21 year old son, Evan, who knows the heart and mind of young men pretty well.  Thanks Bud! BTW- he agrees with me on this matter!

Recently in Sports news there has been a plethora of news concerning professional athletes and others having severe problems with domestic violence. This issue has far reaching moral, ethical and legal ramifications.

 Even one of our beloved Charlotte Panthers recently asserted he was "defending himself"  against his fiancĂ© who had hit him. (Really? He weighs 240 and she probably 120?) Another football player was caught on tape hitting and dragging his girlfriend from an elevator.  He was suspended for 2 games, while a different NFL player was suspended for the whole year for his marijuana offense. (I am not condoning marijuana use, just wanting the crime to fit the punishment))

A prominent ESPN analyst recently hinted on his show that in situations of provocation women have some blame in these matters. (He got suspended for a week and apologized for his comments)

You can read about that here:

I listen to a good deal of sports talk radio, and while most of the commentators understand the gravity of these offenses, some of the men calling in are appalling. I listened to one guy say that in this world of women wanting equal rights in the workplace etc, absolutely - if a woman hits him he would hit her back. 

Can I throw up now?



Back in the "code of the West"  John Wayne days, you didn't hear about this much. (although I am sure it did happen) NEVER HIT A WOMEN WAS THE CODE

Here is a Denise true confession:

In my life as a hot headed Yeggy woman, I have provoked my husband beyond belief.  I was much younger and I am not proud of it, but I did PROVOKE. With my words and my actions. 

To his credit as a MAN

and NOT a coward or bully,

He never laid an angry hand on me. For that I thank him and my Jesus, because I was a pistol. To my shame.

In the case of these professional athletes, if they get hit by a women, I am pretty sure they will live, being 100 pounds bigger.......

A few thoughts:

1.Never hit in anger someone smaller than you.

Period. No discussion.

2.Never hit a woman. Ever. Period. No Discussion.

3.Never hit a woman. Ever. Period. No Discussion.

4.Never hit a woman. Ever. Period. No Discussion.

5.No yaaaa buts.....

6.Not ever.

7.End of Discussion.

Are you a Man or a cowardly bully?