Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FOR SHAME! Popcorn ceilings and Formica counter-tops!

Recently my hunny had a major back surgery which kind of forced us to buy a king size bed.  We had been sleeping on a queen for years, but I was afraid of kicking him in the back, so we scraped some cash together, my mom helped us a little, we bit the bullet and got the bed.  Since I bought it off the floor I got $1000 off but getting it home in the back of our  1990  F-150 truck, flapping in the breeze, is another blog for another day:)  

To be quite honest with you I LOVE the king size bed. 

 It is heavenly! 

But it got me fired up about the rest of my house and major improvements that we need.  I looked up at my popcorn 

ceilings, and down and my Formica counter-tops, and heaved an enormous SIGH.

Any self respecting home decor specialist would run screaming ANATHEMA!

Or TSK TSK  me until they are blue in the face...

Popcorn ceilings and formica counter-tops are so last year they reek of 1960.  You know, when the Brady Bunch had that hip house with both. 

Oh yaaaa.... Alice used to scrub that formica countertop til it shined!

Thinking about this immediately put me into a WHAT-IN-THE-CAT-HAIR frenzy of gnashing my teeth and wringing my hands. 

It's true 

My house needs a makeover.  

At best I call it shabby chic:)

In my mom's era, it was the friend who had a gas furnace instead of a hand fired wood furnace in the basement like she did.....

I don't think I have a friend who has popcorn ceilings OR formica counter-tops....Ladies?

A few months ago a good buddy of mine who is a 20-something was telling me about her sis who just bought a house.  

"They are getting some of it re-done before they move in, and getting rid of those god-AWFUL popcorn ceilings!"  

She is really nice, so I did NOT tell her to look up. (she was sitting in my kitchen:)

As I walked through Lowes, and gazed at all the sleek granite counter-tops, it dawned on me that I really don't care.  

I am good with my popcorn ceilings AND formica counter-tops. 

 I might just keep them until Jesus returns. 

Including my gamecock red chicken wire cupboards.

Actually I am almost certain in 10 years they will be all the rage.....

Sometimes I wonder what my women friends in Papua New Guinea, who live in grass huts would think about all this hullabaloo...What in the Cat hair?

When I get to Heaven, it seems to me we will ALL  have fabulous granite counter-tops and smooth as silk ceilings.... 

or better yet we just won't care.

Actually, I care much more about who is coming from Texas to visit me tomorrow!!