Saturday, June 1, 2013

The ART of hanging out...


 I am NOT going to talk about the evil of electronics and how no one TALKS face-to-face (in person, I mean) anymore.

 not much anyhow...

There are several lost arts, that as a kid growing up on a farm in Iowa, I pretty much perfected. 

some of these include:

canning 100 quarts of every imaginable vegetable known to man,

moving hogs and cattle home from the far field,

"scooping the loop"  in my little hometown of 556 people,

or going to the county fair & holding hands with a hunny on the ferris wheel.

Most of these joys,  (a blog for anther day)

I fear my grandchildren will never have the opportunity to experience. 

But there is ONE lost art, that CAN happen today with a little effort

 and a rope. 

The ART  of hanging out.

Clothes, that is.
On a clothesline.
 Ever heard of it?
 Growing up on the farm, we had 10 people to do laundry for, and probably washed 4-5 loads a day.  AND no clothes dryer until I was in high school.  So as a kid, we all hung out, in more ways that one.  My little sisters stood on a step stool. 
We all hung out together... until it was done.
Then we had a family baseball game.
Actually I have done a little research on this topic, and found that 89% of the world does NOT have electric dryers and "hang out".  In Papua New Guinea we hung  out on bushes:)
Last week, my son hung out a rope for me between 2 trees. 
YES, I have a new clothes line.
And not the Kardashian kind, the hanging out kind.
I am in hog heaven.
 I don't hang out everything, but am averaging about a load every other day. 
Glade, Airwick, and everyone else has tried to reproduce that smell... but they cannot.
NOTHING smells better than freshly dry clothes from a clothesline.....
except maybe Heaven?
Listen up! (especially you young moms!!!!)
1.Get a rope
2.hang it between 2 trees
3.Buy a pkg of clothespins for $1.29
4.Hang out! not everything, just 4-5 items, (pajamas are great)
5.Do this with your kids, and talk to them about the good old days.
6.Hang out, while you are hanging out with your kids...
 7.Ok I admit you may have to kind of HIDE behind your house in the trees, away from the homeowners association narcs:)
Speaking of hanging out, my entire family will be together for a few days next month. 
We will hang out.
 We like to hang out with each other.
It's fun.
So try it.
Hang out with your family or friends.  Put away the electronics for a couple of days.
I will rise up and call you blessed, and
You may just get a quick glimpse of Heaven.