Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dance Party!? YES, Please.

Recently I read Amy Poehler's new book (Amy is perky Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation on TV. ) She is pretty funny, but some of her stuff I just didn't get.  One thing she mentioned however, is way true. 

DANCE PARTY should occur regularly and often in our lives.

Not talking about "American Bandstand" (although that WAS  awesome. )  Or going out to clubs.
Denise's definition of "DANCE PARTY" :
A good song comes on or you put it on. You, and whoever else is there start to dance. DANCE PARTY can last 30 seconds or 3 hours. It puts a smile on your face, and gives you 3 minutes of exercise (if that is how long you dance.)  You can do it alone or in a crowd, or in your back yard.

People from one year old to 100 years young can participate.

To be honest with you, this fall, I have been feeling a little down. Then it hit me:  I haven't had DANCE PARTY in a long time.

When the kids were little we had DANCE PARTY lots, them in their walkers, me grooving to some dance aroebics. The autistic fellow I work with and I like to DANCE PARTY to the theme song from Star Wars. When we lived in Papua New Guinea, my posse and I would DANCE PARTY inside our houses for exercise.  We didn't go outside, the local folks would have thought we were nutty. When Anna  my daughter was dating Matt (her now husband) back in 2008, she was home for Christmas and she and Ruth did DANCE PARTY  by Skype with him to "I Need a Hero".    (She got one)

DANCE PARTY is awesome!

Ten Reasons for DANCE PARTY:

1.Laughing at yourself is way good.  At my age, my dancing makes everyone laugh.
2.Spontaneity is good for the soul, like chicken soup, but different...
3.You don't have to be wasted or high or loaded, you can just do it when you pop out of bed in the morning.
4.God approves.  I know He does. I might even stretch this and say we can DANCE PARTY unto the Lord....King David did:)  Wouldn't it be cool if you went to church this Sunday and your Pastor said "no sermon today, we are just gong to DANCE PARTY unto our Lord."    Yup.
5.There are some songs that just have to be DANCE PARTY songs:  try the Tanya Tucker version of "Someday My Prince will Come."
6.It will make you silly for 5 minutes.  The way the world is today, we NEED that.
7. There is no reason.  Don't overthink it just do it.


9.Its good for you, body, mind AND Spirit.
10. I said to, and you all know how BOSSY I am, I insist.
When Amy's book reminded me of DANCE PARTY, I said to myself: Yes, Please. (that's the name of her book, too:) And I just jumped up and had DANCE PARTY to "Christmas Means to Me My Love" that is what was playing at the time. (and also a great DANCE PARTY song by the way)
When I go see my 2 year old grandbaby next week, I will be saying Yes, Please, to DANCE PARTY loads with her.  I already have my cassette tapes with all the kids music I used with my babies packed.  (Yes I did say cassette tapes, and a mini tape player) Emmie and I will do DANCE PARTY till we drop.
Do it often.
With your kids and your grandkids and your friends and by yourself.
Who can stop you?