Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving and poopoo?

In August I had the opportunity to hang out with my mom, my daughter, and my granddaughter for a few days. We had a four generation rockin good time in Iowa:) seeing family and friends.

Four generations!

I was so thankful for that time- and interestingly, this fall I attended a bible study at my church that encouraged us to write down 1000 gifts from the Lord that we are thankful for. It was a simple concept, and the video speaker discussed with us the entries in your  "thankfulness log" could be anything from the sun coming in the window to a robin chirping.

Much to my disdain I could not seem to get going on my thankfulness log, I had not written down even one, let alone 1000. 

 That first entry seemed to be thwarting me:( 

I didn't want to just write "the sunshine" I wanted my first entry to be more.....



As I was racking my brain for something monumental- my mind went back to August in Iowa, and I remembered an incident in the airport. 

Anna  my daughter and little  6 month old Emmie left a day or two before I did.  As Anna was checking in at the counter, I went to the bathroom to change Emmie's diaper.

Folks, she had delivered the Montezuma of all poo-poos.  I used 27 wet wipes to clean her up:) YIKES!

Emmie's latest snap -what a little smarty pants!

Later we said our tearful good-byes, I knew I would not be seeing my precious grandbaby again until she had mastered many more developmental milestones. (they change so fast when they are little!) AND the goodbyes do not seem to get easier.

Amidst my tears, with a huge lump in my throat, my mom and I walked toward the exit of the airport. Then I looked down at my shirt and LAUGHED. 

There,  down the front of my shirt was a massive poo poo smear from my angelic Emmie:)

So my friends....

I now have the #1 entry for my thankfulness log.

OK, I know it is pretty weird, and kinda gross, but I really was thankful for that poopy shirt, on that day when I said goodbye to loved ones...once again.

So now I am on my way


 with my thankfulness log.

 Winging my way toward Thanksgiving day, when we all remember lots of fabulous things we are thankful for.

Hopefully, I will not overthink the next 999 entries.

If you are willing, come along with me on this journey, and keep track of 1000 gifts from your God

 that you give HIM ALONE the glory for.

and by the way....

I did wash off my shirt before I left the airport that day:)