Friday, March 7, 2014

Top 10 Christian WHINES #PullingOutMyCatHair!

To our shame, the worst whiners in the world are Christians.

To my shame, myself included.

Most of the whines we have are ill founded and ridiculous. Usually blaming the elusive "they", who can't really be named, but still we are ticked off about it. 

Here are the top ten that make me want to pull out my CatHair!

Get ready:

10. "She walked right past me at church and didn't even speak to me"  Really?  Are you mute? Is there a new dispensation that I had not heard about that doesn't allow your vocal chords to kick in?

9. The government is bad and wrong.  Of course it is.  Nothing is new under the sun. Look at the Religious/political leaders in the time when Jesus walked the earth. Enough said.

8.The music in that church is toooo  slow, fast, loud, quiet, old, rocky, not cool, too cool, blah blah blah blah blah.  Open your mouth and praise your God in whatever form your church uses, or Shut Up.  Period.

7.My kid went to youth group and no one was nice. WAHHHHHHHHHHH    OH MY I could go on and on and on and on and on about this one. Your kid needs to go to youth group.  I have 1000 reasons for this, but that is a blog for another day.  Shocker-some 12-17 year olds are clueless on how to reach out to others. Novel idea: Have your kid actually be nice to someone there.  Yes I know this is a tough one- but parents hear me now: #STANDYOURGROUND!  Kids need to be in youth group- and fer cryin out loud, please don't YOU WHINE about the youth group along with your child.  Believe me, they will do enough whining for both of you. 

6.My church doesn't offer and good bible studies or small groups.  Oh really?  I doubt that. Then why don't you start/lead one? NEVER whine about the programs your church offers unless you are willing to do some work yourself. Even then don't do it!

5.Churches nowadays are not really preaching the Bible, its all about entertainment.  Confession: this is my worst one:( I whine about this constantly.) BAD ME! Since I am old I whine about the young whippersnappers that are preaching now, kind of a "what is this world coming to" attitude. Here is what you/I can do.  Find a church that does Preach God's Word.  Go there. (I did) And stop whining about the other ones.  That is their problem.

4.I didn't like the way they took care of little Jimbee in the nursery/childcare at church. Well, of course they need a really stellar volunteer like YOU to help.  Get off you rear end and volunteer- do it regularly and a lot.

3.I really didn't like the sermon Pastor preached today, he could have done better if he had.... Have you ever thought that may have to do with YOUR spiritual condition, and NOT that Pastor was boring/irritating/to long. By the way have YOU ever spent 10 hours studying and preparing for a sermon? It is a PRIVILEDGE that we are allowed corporate worship in this country.  It is a shame some of us whine/complain about church letting out at 12:15.  Go live in a closed country for awhile and you will know what I mean.

2.Those wooden pews were tooo hard!  They need to get padded pews. Yes because your comfort is the most important thing in a worship service.  When we lived in our village in Papua New Guinea, we sat on bricks and boards in the church, and chickens and dogs wandered in and out. Those services were awesome!

and the #1 whine that makes me want to pull out my cat hair:

1.When we visited that church it was not friendly. This one makes me want to puke and die.  I refer you back to #1.  Did you loose your ability to speak? Over and over again this has been proven WRONG.  All churches want to be friendly and strive to do that. It's not like they got a group together before services and made a pact to be mean to visitors. Churches do the best they can to be friendly, you might want to check your own friendly-o-meter:)

Ok, my rant is over.

And I already feel the need to apologize :( 

Hmmmm, I guess I am whining about whiners?


Lets make a pact to spend ALL our time trying to follow our precious Savior-

If we don't it will be BAD

this may happen: