Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The evil cheap-butt? Or extravagant fool?

I admit it I am cheap-butt.

I prefer to call myself "thrifty".

I rarely buy anything at the grocery store or clothing stores for that matter-that is not on sale... big time.    If I have a double off coupon, I am filled with glee.  If it is a SUPER DOUBLE coupon, AND on sale, I chortle loudly in a fiendish way....rolling my fake mustache.

Do ya'll remember Snidley Whiplash?
Weirdo, I know, but I somehow fool myself into believing I have beat the system. Ya know, stuck it to "the man".
Being a missionary and living on a missionary income for the last 25 years helps my thriftiness.  I remember when we first came home from overseas I did not allow myself to buy things like garbage bags, using paper grocery bags  in my trash cans instead. I stopped short of re-using paper plates...
Yes I am a cheap butt.
Sometimes I am smug and judgmental of those I don't think are thrifty enough.  Besides being a cheap butt-
I guess I am also a dumb butt. 
 I need to Thank my Jesus for the un-cheapness,
for the generosity
for the extravagance
of God's people who have supported financially the Sieges Wycliffe ministry sieges.org
 For the last 25 years.  Without them, Tim and I would be more than cheap butts, we would be destitute.
The last few months, we have been saving for a new vehicle that we know we desperately need. We just got word yesterday that an extravagant person who does not even know us ( a friend of a friend)  gave us a gift that put us over our goal. 
When is it ok?
We all know God wants us to be wise stewards of what He has given us.  I try to do that.  Last week Tim and I bought our FIRST EVER flat screen TV.  It seemed kind of extravagant to us, but decided it was time.  (Of course it was on clearance)  We only had to call Vizio 3 times to get it set up:)
It is OK to be extravagant when: 
1.God says so
2.Doing something nice for a friend or loved one, just because...
3.Buying "stuff"  for your new baby granddaughter:) 
God's precious love toward us is EXTRAVAGANT.
Go ahead, all you cheap butts out there-
 just for today:
 be a little more like HIM.